haiku workshop on

creativity and mindfulness


A haiku is

a curious spark, pursued

A fleeting moment, crystalized

A fraction of time’s flow, captured

Adapted from the Japanese poetry tradition, the haiku has a rich history intertwined with zen and mindfulness. Join us to explore the origins of haiku, it’s creative applications, the literary techniques that makes the haiku unique and how you can use it as part of your mindfulness practice.

In this workshop:

  • Create your own haiku with a typewriter

  • Delve into the history and origin of haiku along with its other variations such as haibun, haiga and senryu.

  • Learn to employ Kiru in an English Haiku

  • Go beyond 7-5-7 and understand the true essence of a haiku

  • Gain clarity on your personal narratives

  • Explore creative problem-solving through limitations

  • Learn creative writing techniques for spontaneous storytelling

  • Use haiku as a mindfulness tool and develop observational sensitivity