THE FIRST: Busking Session x Haji Lane

*This post has no pictures and isn't the least bit polished yet, it's just a free flowing mess of my thoughts. I promise to return to edit and add pictures and whatnot....someday, someday. 


On the weather

The Singaporean sun was unforgiving. A folded table in hand, a luggage in another and a backpack on my shoulders, I was soaked, through and through, by the time I reached Haji Lane. I turned up, not knowing what to expect, and I was about to find out.


On setting up

I did not know what to expect or where to go. I walked down the lane and found a spot in the alley right by The Salad Shop (not an actual salad shop). The owner was kind enough to not chase me away, he even offered me the sheltered space if the sun decides to bite.


My friend Darren was with me and after our set up, his inner salesman kicked into third gear. My plan was to seat, read a book and write for whoever is interested. But with Darren’s charming pitch, my first 'customer' came and others followed with little time in-between. He had to return to work soon after (yes that's how he spent his lunch break), but his initial efforts, gave me the confidence to carry it through.


On writing on demand

Writing a haiku on the spot with only a few minutes to spare was definitely different from my usual process. I like to take my time, let it sink across the day and think of alternative and revisions until I am finally pleased.

But with street haikus, I had to make decisions quick. Sometimes I type the first line, not knowing how the last will look. The scariest moments for me was just after inking the final word and before handing the piece over. I always have the nagging fear that it won't be good enough but for today, at least everyone I met, were happy with theirs. That brings me to the people I met.


On meeting people

As an introvert, one of my main motivations was to break out of my comfort zone and meet people. It’s safe to say I’ve come across quite a cast of interesting characters today.

There was a couple from UK who quit their jobs (and she left her kitten, gasp!) to travel the world. Singapore was actually the first stop on their year long journey.

There was a lady on her fourth visit to Singapore. She was trying to forget a Singaporean lover from her third visit. 

A student who named himself after an anime character.

A photographer who travels the world. He was conducting a class when we met and had his class snapping away as I typed his haiku.

And so many more interesting people that I will not be able to list. It was a fulfilling day and I can't think of a better way to spend my day. I'll be back to Haji Lane on Sunday for another go.