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what is a haiku

"A haiku is a fraction of time's flow, captured, condensed and crystalized."

Haiku is a form of micro-poetry adapted from Japan. More than a poem, it is also deeply intertwined with the zen tradition as a way to look at the world and contemplate on our own existence and narratives.

The Haiku Structure
Traditionally, the Japanese haiku follows a 5-7-5 structure, consisting of a total of 17 "moras". Moras are sound units used in Japanese, similar to how syllables are used in English. However, there moras usually count differently from syllables. For example "Tokyo" counts as 2 syllables but is actually 4 moras. Beyond 5-7-5, haikus have also appeared in alternative forms from 3-5-3 to free-from, but all of them maintains its spirit of brevity.

The Essence of Haiku
Japanese haiku traditionally focused on nature and required the use of a seasonal reference (kigo) in the haiku while modern haiku can vary greatly in subject. However, the ultimate focus remains to capture a single moment in time and to create a sense of sudden illumination or surprise through "cutting" (kiru). Beyond poetry, the haiku is a means to deeply immerse ourselves in the moment and to freely contemplate.

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